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Keep current with 2020 CAS releases (everything from fixes to features)

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Release 12/30/2020

  • itopia CAS now supports the automated provisioning two types of GPU-enabled workloads when configuring a Collection: Compute and Graphical. CAS has always supported adding GPUs manually to individual VMs in the VM Instances module, but the process is now automated when a CAS Administrator configures/updates the settings for a Collection Pool. Learn more here.

  • CAS Administrators can now send username and temp password directly to end-users. If users are created/imported with an email address, the CAS Admin can check a box to send them an email directly to end-user with their temp password.

  • New updated email template sends end-users to RD Web Portal to reset password.

  • itopia CAS adds enhancements to make managing end-users imported from an AD Trust easier -- improved AD User Import filters (incl. LDAP), defer AD password policy enforcement to the customer's AD and making sure the Active Directory Trust Settings page in the CAS Portal only displays existing AD Trusts. Learn more about AD Trusts in CAS here.

Release 12/15/2020

  • itopia CAS now supports creating and managing Collection Pools that run Windows 10 Session Hosts. To learn more about these deployment options and the requirements for Windows 10, click here.

  • The itopia Cloud VDI Portal is an evolution of our MyRDP.Download portal (and will eventually replace that portal completely). The new portal allows users to download customized RDP files for their Cloud VDI desktops -- while also supporting enhanced features such as user authentication, access to RemoteApps, self-service password changes, and single sign-on support to the Cloud Desktop when users download the itopia RDP Client. Learn more here.

  • itopia CAS' Dynamic Uptime features is enhanced to now support Collection Pools. CAS' existing Dynamic Uptime functionality is extended to support Windows 10 collection. Learn more here.

Release 11/17/2020

  • itopia CAS now supports the ability to choose the type of user profile when configuring a new collection. CAS administrators have several options for configuring user profile behavior -- persistent or non-persistent user profiles, or even no user profile at all. Learn more here.

Release 9/29/2020

  • itopia CAS continues to add features to make your CAS Admin roles both easier to use and more powerful. Use Custom CAS Admin roles in the new CAS portal to assign more granular permissions or to implement the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP). Learn more here.

Release 9/22/2020

  • CAS Portal 3.0 with an improved UI/UX goes live for all CAS Admins on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020. CAS Portal 3.0 delivers improved experience and features: streamlined provisioning wizard, advanced provisioning options in the wizard and a snappier experience overall. Learn more here.

Release 9/21/2020

  • itopia CAS supports multiple ways to create, import and manage AD user accounts for accessing Remote Desktop and Apps environments. Since importing hundreds (or thousands) of pre-existing AD users into CAS can be a burdensome task, we've added the ability to import users via a CSV or XLXS file upload. You can upload a file and let CAS automation do the heavy lifting of importing all these users from your trusted AD forest. Learn more here.

Release 8/27/2020

  • itopia CAS now includes an image validation check for all new images (imported images too) to increase the level of confidence the new image can be used to by CAS automation to provision a new User Session Sever. This process runs behind the scenes -- a notification will be visible in CAS if there's an issue or error.

Release 8/17/2020

  • itopia CAS now supports publishing non-EXE applications. Typically, these are scripts (i.e. PowerShell, VBS or BAT) used by another application (many by design of the application vendor) to set install or config settings before the EXE is installed.

Release 8/12/2020

  • itopia CAS is proud to announce a preview to a new version of the CAS Portal with an improved UI/UX. CAS Admins will find the layout and workflow familiar -- but we've optimized the user experience and you'll find the UI much snappier. Starting today, you can use either version of the portal to manage your deployment. However, there is some functionality that is still in progress and therefore not available yet in the new portal. Learn more here.

Release 7/14/2020

  • itopia CAS continues to streamline the provisioning of new deployments. We now allow customers to create a deployment with an itopia external domain name and SSL certificate. Or, customers can provide their own provide their own external domain name and SSL certificate. Learn more here.

Release 7/9/2020

  • itopia CAS now supports creating and managing Dedicated Collection Pools as an alternative to Shared Collection Pools. With Dedicated Collections, each user assigned to the Collection Pool gets their own, dedicated Cloud Desktop host server instance. Learn more the Dedicated Collections Pools here.

Release 6/29/2020

  • itopia CAS now allows applications to be defined per-collection rather than per-deployment. In the Application Module you can scope the application to specific Collection Pools as well as to users and groups. This helps ensure that shortcuts are only published for users in specific Collection Pools and helps prevent confusion when connecting through the RD Web portal or the RD Web client. Learn more the Application Module here.

Release 6/26/2020

  • itopia CAS enhances security and compliance by allowing Organization Owners to enforce authentication by sign-in provider. itopia CAS administrators can be forced to authenticate in one of three ways: Local CAS Administration, Single Sign-on (SSO) with either Google (G Suite) or Microsoft Office365. Learn more about enforcing authentication for CAS admins here.

Release 6/10/2020

  • CAS now allows customers to configure and edit their own AD Trust in Deployment Settings. This enhances the previously released AD Trusts functionality (Apr. 16, 2020) by allowing customers to directly edit various parameters (FQDN, Distinguished OU Name, etc). Learn more about AD Trusts in CAS here.

Release 5/13/2020

  • itopia continues to support existing customers running Teradici PCoIP deployments delivering high performance workstations for designers, multimedia companies and engineers.. Learn more about Teradici on CAS here. For new deployment requiring the same high performance workstations, itopia now recommends GPU-enabled Windows Virtual Machines (VMs). Learn more about GPU here.

Release 5/4/2020

Release 4/23/2020

  • itopia now integrates with NetApp's Cloud Volume Service to provide customers with a fast, cloud-native storage performance and advanced data management solution.  Learn more here.

  • itopia further enhances the user experience by integrating Microsoft's FSLogix's Profile Containers.  Users are now able to access the same profile and user data across Remote Desktop Collections and Regions.  Learn more here.

Release 4/16/2020

  • Leverage AD Trusts to accelerate and streamline on boarding.  Microsoft Active Directory (AD) trusts enable one AD domain to be granted access to the resources (users, groups and computers) in another AD domain.  Learn more here.

Release 3/20/2020

  • itopia further enhances deployment redundancy by facilitating configuration of Remote Desktop Broker High Availability using Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster.  Learn more here.

Release 2/21/2020

  • itopia's newest role for administrators, Deployment Owner, allows existing administrators with the Organization Owner role to invite new administrators to access the deployments being managed by their organization.  Learn more here.

Release 2/17/2020

  • New logic to ensure Virtual Machines (VM or servers) boot even if GCP Project hosting CAS Deployment has a resources issues, including cases where customers need to add more resources (i.e. CPU or RAM).

  • itopia now supports instance labels to allow administrators to attach metadata to Virtual Machines (VMs) in their itopia deployment.   Learn more here.

Release 2/12/2020

  • Users who are locked or disabled now have a yellow circle beside their name in CAS under Cloud Desktops > Users for each company.

Release 2/7/2020

  • Microsoft Single sign-on (SSO) adds security and convenience when itopia's Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) administrators authenticate to the using their existing Office 365 Enterprise or Microsoft 365 Enterprise credentials.  Learn more here.

Release 1/31/2020

  • Multiple formats for usernames of AD Administrator accounts for deployments with Extended Active Directory (AD). 

Release 1/23/2020

  • We now enable Virtual Display Devices on Virtual Machines in GCP by default because some solutions (system management tools, remote desktop software, and graphical applications) require you to connect to a display device on a remote server or virtual machine (VM).   

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