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itopia is proud to announce a new version of the CAS Portal with an improved UI/UX.

You'll find the layout and workflow familiar -- but we've optimized the user experience and you'll find the UI much snappier. To access the portal, log into CAS here.

What’s new?

The key enhancements are:

  • Streamlined provisioning wizard: keep the provisioning process as streamlined as possible by guiding CAS Admins thru the process by asking a series of easy-to-answer questions.

  • Advanced provisioning configuration option: the ability for CAS Admins with more experience and knowledge to take full advantage of the customizations available for a deployment

  • Quicker response times: the UI will feel 'snappier' because of code improvements 'under the covers'

There are some notable improvements to the way key information is organized and accessed:

  • Tasks and Insights are now deployment-specific, presenting only the most critical information for the highlighted deployment (previous, global data was displayed across multiple deployments)

  • Notifications View is redesigned and easier to use

  • The Dashboard map now shows Google Cloud Region(s) for the Deployment (previously, the customers’ address displayed)

  • Deployment Settings are now easier to access via the left pane menu

We've also upgraded the action menus for improved usability. For example:

  • Create and Import Actions are now at the top of the table with the rest of the options (buttons) to ensure consistency with the Google Cloud Console approach (i.e. no more green dot with a plus sign when adding a user, collection, etc)

  • Actions listed above a table of data are limited to those that support the selection of multiple objects (i.e. users or VM instances)

  • Actions available to the right-hand side of a single object (i.e. user, collection, etc), the single object actions are now displayed in the detailed view of the object

Finally, while the UI might look much different, it isn't -- rather, it's due to the cleaner UI, easier to read/more legible font, and the overall better organization of information.

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