There are 2 types of admin accounts:

  1. itopia CAS admin account

  2. Your deployments' Domain admin account

They are related to each other in a way that if you delete itopia CAS Admin account, the system will delete your domain account as well. However, they are 2 different accounts and to unlock them or change their passwords, you'd have to treat them separately.

Itopia CAS admin account is created at the signup for our software or when other admin invites you to itopia.

Domain admin accounts are created when you create a deployment, in other words, when the servers are created. The credentials are sent to the admins by email after the automatic part of the deployment is finished. 

1. Reset itopia CAS Portal Password

Every admin can reset their password to the itopia CAS portal using the "Forgot your password?" option that appears in the itopia CAS login page:

You can also change your itopia CAS password using the "CHANGE PASSWORD" button under your account settings.

To unlock itopia CAS password, go to the Admins section in the top right corner when logged in

Mark the account and hit the pencil icon to enter the editing mode:

You will see if the account is locked out and you can unlock it.

Disable admin account

You have now an option to disable an admin account. Only "Owners" are allowed to disable other admin accounts. The option is available when editing an admin.

Disabling the admin account will disable both accounts - CAS admin account to access the management portal and domain admin accounts for your existing deployments.

2. Reset Domain Admin Password

itopia created a feature that allows you to rest your own domain admin passwords that allow you to connect to your servers without connecting to the domain controller servers.

To reset domain admin password, login to itopia CAS and select "My Account" from the top right corner.

First, check the box to the left of your deployment name at the bottom of the page.

Then click the button "Reset AD Password"

The system will rest the domain admin password for you. Depending on how many domain passwords you are resetting (how many deployments you selected), the process may take up to 20 minutes.

Alternative option to reset domain admin password

The domain admin password can also be reset in the domain controller (pdc server) by another admin. When logged in the domain controller, open Active directory and under the domain tree, you should see Admins folder. The accounts are located under level 2 admins. Just right click the user and hit reset password. 

If you are the only admin for your company, the best way to reset the password is to create another admin account in itopia (click on the person icon in the top right corner - Admins).
When done, the email that you set up for the new admin account will receive a link to create a password to itopia. When the password is created, new admin will receive an email with server credentials. You can then use the credentials to login to the domain controller (pdc), open Active directory and reset/ unlock the account. It's located under the domain tree - level 2 admins.

Create New Admin Account

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