Depending on your plan you can have certain number of admins in itopia software that are allowed to manage your deployments (clients). Please have a look at the below table to see how many admins are available for your plan:

First admin account is automatically created when you signup for itopia software at

There are 2 types of admin accounts, itopia CAS admin account and the Domain admin account.

They are related to each other in a way that if you create or delete itopia CAS admin account, the system will create or delete your domain admin account as well. 

Create new admin account

You can add more admins from the top right corner menu. Select Admins:

You’ll see the list of admins under the ADMINS tab. 

Click on the green + sign to invite new admin: 

You will specify the details like email address and role for new admin account. 

The "Role" is a permission level for the new account.
It can be set as Viewer when editing is not allowed for the admin. Domain admin account doesn't get created for Viewer admin access. It only allows accessing itopia CAS with no right to make any changes from the portal.
gets a domain admin account as well and can modify and make all the changes except for the changes with admin accounts.
Owner has the same rights as editor and can also create and edit other admin accounts.

If you're on Pro plan or higher, you'll also get an option to restrict  the new admin account access to just the selected deployments (clients).
This option is available for Viewer and Editor roles. If you want to limit the admin account to just some of your clients, choose the option "Select clients". 

After adding the clients that the admin will have access to, click SEND iNVITE

Note: The Owner role gets access to all clients by default.

New admin you created will receive an email with an invitation to create itopia platform password.
When the password is created, the system will create server admin credentials to already existing clients' servers and send them by email to the new admin.

IMPORTANT: to receive server admin credentials, make sure that all your pdc servers are on. If the system fails to create the admin creds for any reason, it will try to create them again after few minutes and it repeats this process 3 times before sending the email. Give the system 40 minutes to process the changes with domain admin accounts.
If the pdc server is off or our system cannot establish connection with it 3 times,
the system creates a task in your Tasks module to remind you need to create those accounts in AD manually.

Editing admin accounts

Only Admins with "Owner" role can edit other admin accounts. You can edit admin accounts from the admin menu in itopia. Mark the admin you want to edit and hit the pencil icon:

You will be able to edit the First and the Last name, Phone number, admin Role and Clients that the admin has access to.

In case you're changing admin's access to a client, please note that it can take up to 40 minutes to create/ remove their domain admin credentials. The domain controller (pdc) servers must be powered on during the process.

Disable admin account

You have now an option to disable an admin account. Only "Owners" are allowed to disable other admin accounts. The option is available when editing an admin.

Disabling the admin account will disable both accounts - CAS admin account to access the management portal and domain admin accounts for your existing Clients.

Deleting an admin account

You can delete the admin account from the same place, mark the checkbox next to admin's name and hit the trash icon.
Only admins with "Owner" access level can delete other admin accounts.

This action will delete the admin account in Active Directory. 

If the domain account deletion fails, you will get a task in Tasks module to delete this account from domain controller (xxxPDC server).

IMPORTANT: All the PDC Servers must be on when deleting an admin account since the system automatically deletes the domain admin account as well. Give the system 40 minutes to process the changes with domain admin accounts.

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