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Administrators can now be designated as Deployment Owner

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itopia's newest role for administrators, Deployment Owner, allows existing administrators with the Organization Owner role to invite new administrators to access the deployments being managed by their organization.

itopia administrators can now be assigned to one of four roles:

  • Viewer

  • Editor

  • Deployment Owner

  • Organization Owner

To view administrator's roles, log into the itopia Portal ( and click on the Profile icon in the top right.   When Manage Organization is chosen, then the page refreshes listing all administrators for the organization and their currnent role.

To modify an administrator's role to 'Deployment Owner:

  1. Check the box to left of any administrator's name

  2. Select the Edit menu item above the list of administrators.   The full list of attributes for the chosen administrator is now displayed (Username, Email, First Name, etc).   To modify the user role, click in the Permission field to see these options.

  3. Select Deployment Owner

In the near future, this article will be updated with a matrix showing the access and permissions available under each role.

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