Delete a WorkAnywhere Deployment

Instructions for deleting a Deployment

Written by Fegeins Louis
Updated over a week ago

Itopia WorkAnywhere automates many common VDI tasks (adding/removing users, adding virtual machines, etc). WorkAnywhere even automates the deletion of an entire deployment, especially useful when an existing deployment needs to be re-built (rare, but it does happen).

To start, log in to the portal to get to your Dashboard.

On the left pane select Settings→General. Please note, the administrator performing this action must have either 'Deployment Owner' or 'Organization Owner' priviledges.

In the Delete this Deployment section, check the box and click on Delete Deployment. Fill out the required fields and hit Delete.

Note: There is a 2-hour safeguard hold in place prior to starting this process to prevent accidental deletions or to cancel.

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