Release 2/23/2021

  • itopia CAS continues to reduce complexity and help customers adopt managed services to reduce burden on IT & Operations. CAS' new OS Patching module provides a simplified interface for managing automated OS patching for Windows VM instances. The module allows Cloud Desktop administrators to configure one or more patching profiles for VMs managed by CAS; each profile specifies a schedule and the category of patches to apply to VMs. Learn more here.

Release 2/8/2021

  • itopia CAS continues to improve -- today, this set of enhancements are available for all customers.
  • CAS Admins can now shadow a user's session for visual troubleshooting. Learn more here.
  • CAS Collection pools are persistent by default, meaning that Session Hosts are not regularly deleted and re-created. CAS administrators can now trigger a redeployment of the Session Hosts in two ways. Learn more here.
  • User Activity Reports have been upgraded with more filters and emailing of the report. Learn more about the Insights Module here.
  • CAS now provides the ability to remove Users, Groups, and VMs from CAS without deleting the underlying AD account or VM instance. Learn more here.
  • CAS API Keys can now be assigned more granular permissions by enabling CAS Admin roles. Learn more here.

Release 2/1/2021

  • itopia CAS now provides CAS admins with the ability to re-deploy an individual Collection Pool User Session Server (USS). If a USS is experiencing issues, this new feature is simpler than restoring from a snapshot or re-deploying an entire Collection of User Session Servers. To learn more about USS in Collection Pools, click here.

Release 1/22/2021

  • itopia CAS constantly looks for ways to improve performance of the core infrastructure in each deployment. When CAS deploys redundant RD Gateways in multiple GCP Regions, we now create separate Gateway farms for each GCP region. To learn more about the components of a CAS environment, click here.

Release 1/14/2021

  • itopia CAS deploys and configures a number of default Group Policy Objects (GPOs). These GPOs are now prefixed with "itopia-" to clearly identify those required by CAS to perform various functions and features, as well as enforce security and privacy. To learn more about these default GPOs and how you can add your own GPOs, click here.
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