Customer Provided GPOs [Beta]

Customer GPOs can be added when customizing a new deployment

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When a new client deployment is provisioned, CAS automatically configures a predefined set of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to support various functions and features, as well as enforce security and privacy.   Examples:  GPOs for RDS licensing, Office 2013 and 2016 usage, remotefx options, etc.

However, we also realize customers want to customize their CAS environment by adding adding their existing GPOs during the initial CAS deployment.  This new feature is currently only available in Beta, so please email CAS Support ( to have this new feature enabled for your account.

Manage GPOs during CAS Deployment

In Step 2, Deployment Configuration  the Manage GPO section allows clients to enable this function.  Once Provide Customer GPOs is enabled (below), the client can specify:

Name:  Name same as existing GPO or customize for CAS

Storage Bucket URL: Specify the route to the Google Bucket where the GPO is stored.   Must be in this format:  gs://<bucket_name>/<gpo_path_inside_bucket>

Must also authorize this CAS service account in GCP:

Organizational Unit (OU):  Specify the OU (assigned by CAS).  Once enabled, the GPO will be linked to the specified OU.

Once the toggle is green (moved to the right), these fields can be populated.

Once these fields are completed, then choose ADD to populate the fields inside the request.

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