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Provide administrators with visibility into complex automations in the WorkAnywhere Admin Portal

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itopia WorkAnywhere employs vast automation to intelligently configure and dynamically scale cloud VDI infrastructure. Over 300+ IT management tasks are fully-automated, providing the benefits of a fully-managed service without the limitations. For example, a key set of automations provision VMs with Microsoft RDS server roles, enabling Windows virtual desktops for your users quickly and seamlessly.

In the July 2021, itopia introduced the Process Viewer to provide WorkAnywhere Admins with visibility into complex automations. Initially, displaying the key steps for deploying a new image to an existing Collection.

The Process Viewer is available in any Module in the WorkAnywhere Admin Portal -- look for the 'Recent Activity' expandable tab at the bottom of the pane in any Module.

itopia plans, on a quarterly basis, to expand the number of supported automations in the Process Viewer. Check back for updates!

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