GCP + itopia: Architectural Diagrams

Learn more about itopia deployments with example architectural diagrams

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itopia offers several solutions to automate your workloads on GCP.
Below you will find a few example architectural diagrams to get a better understanding of how the typical itopia+GCP infrastructure is built.

Remote desktop deployment with new (GCP based) domain

The below diagram shows a simple RDS environment with one primary domain controller, a secondary (backup) domain controller, a remote desktop gateway, a remote desktop broker, dedicated file server and a remote desktop session host server.

Remote desktop deployment with extended (on-prem) Active Directory and multiple cloud regions (physical locations)

The following architectural diagram illustrates more complex approach for a deployment using several physical locations and one central AD that's extended to cloud from on premise:

Active Directory-based disaster recovery deployment

The following architectural diagram shows how an AD can be extended to GCP using multiple sites. AD sites are split between on-premises sites and GCP regions:

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