After launching your Deployment to Google Cloud, you will be able to connect to your new VM instances through RDP. First step is to reset your domain admin credentials for your account in CAS. You can find the steps here then continue the process below.

Start turning on the VM instance from VM Instances module under Cloud Management section in case it’s off.
Once the VM instance is running, mark the checkbox next to the VM instance name and click the CONNECT button:

Pre-configured RDP file named after your server will be saved to your default Download folder. 

💡IMPORTANT: If you enabled RD Gateway for the deployment, all the connections including the admin connection will be redirected through the gateway. The RDP file that you downloaded is already configured with the gateway information.

Double-click the file and accept the initial pop-up message

You will be redirected to the server login screen, provide the admin credentials you received after launching the Deployment (ID is populated automatically)

You can save the RDP file and use it to connect to the server from now on.

💡 Note: You will only be able to have 1 concurrent terminal server connection opened at a time

Learn more about: Domain Admin Access Email Notification Process
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