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Process update for communicating CAS Admin credentials

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Historically, CAS automatically emailed each CAS Admin with login info and credentials (specific for each the deployment)

Starting January 1st, 2020, existing CAS Admins are now responsible for updating and sharing login info and credentials for their fellow CAS Admins.


itopia constantly works to improve our current best practices for security, privacy and compliance.   In this specific case, best practice doesn't include emailing these credentials.

Starting Jan. 1st, 2020 CAS will no longer be sending emails (see example below).   Existing CAS Admins are now responsible for notifying fellow CAS Admins when they manually reset the password for any CAS Admin who requires domain-level access.

To perform this password reset, as an existing CAS Admin, simply login to CAS:

  • open Profile & select My Account

  • Scroll down to the section called Deployments, find the CAS Admin & select Reset AD Password

  • Copy & share the new password to share with CAS Admin

  • This password can be reset any number of times.

itopia's Customer Success Team is available to answer any questions about this or any CAS topic.

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