Release Summary 2022

Keep current with 2022 WorkAnywhere releases (everything from fixes to features)

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Release 12/6/2022

  • itopia WorkAnywhere now supports Multiple Domain Trusts. This new feature enables Admins to leverage an existing resource domain (setup via AD Trust configuration) to connect multiple domains and quickly grant access to users in these other domains access to their Cloud Desktops. Typically, this is requirement for companies who are rapidly expanding by acquiring other companies. Learn more here.

Release 10/19/2022

  • itopia WorkAnywhere now supports one of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) newest Regions: Tel Aviv (me-west1). As soon as GCP adds support for more Regions, so will we!

Release 8/9/2022

  • Errors pinned to top of Notifications panel: "Failed" tasks and errors will be persistently displayed at the top of the Notifications module, rather than remaining chronologically sorted (and removed from view). Learn more about the Notifications Module here.

Release 6/29/2022

Release 6/28/2022

  • itopia WorkAnywhere now supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP) two newest Regions: Paris, France (europe-west91) and Madrid, Spain (europe-southwest1). We'll continue to add support for each new GCP Region.

Release 6/24/2022

Release 5/27/2022

  • Disk Auto-Grow: For customers that enable CAS Insights, we can now monitor disk space usage on their VMs and, if the free space falls below 5%, we will automatically grow the disk by 20%. This can be manually enabled/disabled for specific VMs.

  • Create Snapshot button on VM Instances: Admins can now instantly create a GCE snapshot of a VM instance from the VM Instances module in WorkAnywhere. They'll see notifications when the snapshot is started and completed

Release 5/26/2022

  • itopia WorkAnywhere now supports Cloud Platform (GCP) three newest Regions: Chile (southamerica-west1), Milan (europe-west8) and Toronto (northamerica-northeast2). We'll continue to add support for each new GCP Region.

Release 4/7/2022

  • itopia WorkAnywhere now supports creating user email addresses with special characters, such as the '+' sign. This enhancement done to improve integration with both GMail and Microsoft O365, since both support " + " email addressing,

Release 3/3/2022

  • itopia's Cloud VDI Portal (authenticated web portal that allows users to access their applications and data) now enables end-users to recover their own passwords. This is especially useful for end-users who have forgotten their password! Learn more here.

Release 1/14/2022

  • The Notifications Module in WorkAnywhere is constantly being improved to provide more and more detailed feedback to Administrators. Specifically, to enable them to accurately and quickly troubleshoot automation issues at variouis levels in their deployment -- whether it be on-premise Active Directory, an error in Windows Event Log or an issue in the Google Cloud. Check back shortly for a new & improve Help article.

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