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CAS Portal Notifications

Notifications on the CAS portal

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To keep you and your team aware of events happening to your environments, we have implemented the notification center. It is located on the top right, the bell icon. 

Types of Notifications that are displayed here:

  • Uptime schedule: Notification when a schedule fails to execute. 

  • Start/Stop/Reset VM Instance command: You'll get a notification when the command begins running, and when it completes whether successful or if it failed

  • PC Discovery: a notification per user that runs the discovery 

  • Network Discovery: A notification when the Network discovery is ran. 

When you click on it, it will show you the 5 latest notifications. There's a check mark button to mark them as read, and also a view details button at the bottom to see the rest of your notifications. 

Below is the Notifications page you get when you click "View Details"

Mobile App Notifications:

When you download the mobile app for our software, by default the notifications are disabled. To turn them on just hit the menu button on the top left and go to settings. 

In settings choose "Notifications" if on android or "Alerts" if on IOS. 



Then you'll see a toggle on the next screen, just click it to enable the notifications. 

If your team uses Slack, you can integrate it with our software and have the notifications forwarded to your Slack channels. Click the link below to see how to configure the integration and configure notifications. 

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