Adobe wants to ensure Photoshop users have the best possible user experience. While a graphics accelerator (often called a Graphics Processing Unit or GPU) isn't needed to use Photoshop, it is required for some higher-end features and functions.

In November 2021, Adobe introduced a mandatory check to verify whether the computer launching Photoshop has a GPU or not. Previously, if the user's computer didn't have a GPU, Adobe didn't notify them with a pop-up -- the user simply proceeded to open and use Photoshop.

New Adobe Photoshop Functionality: Graphics Processor Check

The release of Adobe Photoshop version 23.0.2 (November 2021) now automatically performs the mandatory GPU check. If user's computer doesn't have a GPU, the pop-up (below) now appears as soon as Photoshop is opened, letting the user know that the computer's GPU isn't available or incompatible.

Provisioning of a Photoshop Class: Tier 2 (non-GPU) or Tier 3 (GPU-enabled)

In the case of Labs, this pop-up only appears when the student's Photoshop class has been setup with the Tier 2 option. When the Labs Admin (or teacher) creates their Photoshop class, they have the ability to select a computer (or Virtual Machine, VM) from Tiers 1 - 3. Tier 1 and Tier 2 VMs don't have a GPU, but Tier 3 VM's do, however.

User Options to resolve 'graphics processor is incompatible' pop-up

  1. You can click the OK button & continue to use Photoshop in your current session. However, you'll be asked this question each time you login.

  2. You can click Do not show again and then click OK. This will stop the pop-up from appearing upon all future logins.

Upgrade to Tier 3 option to resolve 'graphics processor is incompatible' pop-up

Labs Admin (or teachers) can create a new class for Adobe Creative Cloud and use a Tier 3 VM, which by default has a GPU. Since the pop-up window is a result of not having a GPU, using a Tier 3 VM with a GPU will prevent the pop-up from appearing.

You can refer to our Create a Class in your School Helpcenter article for instructions on how to create a new class with a Tier 3 VM.

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