Once your K12 school district is up and running and your school has been set up, it’s time to create a class.

Just as each K12 school district can create any number of schools, each school can have any number of classes. Like schools, classes can also be deleted and re-created with no cost or fee.

Creating A Class

To start, sign-in to the Labs Admin Portal: https://labs.itopia.com/. If you aren’t sure about your Labs Admin credentials, then check with your K12 school district’s Primary Admin for Labs.

Remember, if you’re at the District-level, you must first select a School before you can create a Class.

To begin, go to Classes in School Dashboard

Click on CLASSES


Fill out the required fields, and click on Publish when complete.

  • Below is a brief explanation of each required field

  • Class name: Enter the name for this new class

  • Description: Provide a description for this class

  • Desktop Image: Select a Image that will provide access to applications like (Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Microsoft Office, Computer Science and much more)

  • Publish Button: The Class isn't published until this button is selected

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