To make onboarding as simple and easy as possible, itopia Labs provides Single Sign-on (SSO) via Google Workspace. Labs admins and users must sign in to Labs using their Google Workspace identity; other identity providers are not currently supported.

Third-party systems can integrate with Google Workspace in a variety of ways. Most often, these systems can be configured to work with Google Workspace as either an identity provider (i.e., users log into the system to access their Google environment) or as a service provider (i.e., users log into Google to access the system).

In its basic configuration, itopia Labs is configured as a service provider for Google Workspace. However, itopia recommends configuring your Google Workspace to also use itopia Labs as a conditional identity provider. This allows the user to be automatically signed into their Google account within their Class session without having to sign in again.

Google Workspace currently supports only a single external identity provider to be configured. For school districts that use third-party identity platforms (IdPs) such as ClassLink or Okta as an identity provider for their Google Workspace, it is not possible to configure Labs as a conditional identity provider. Students and admins should still be able to log into Labs, but they will not be automatically signed into their Google account within their Class session.

We've worked with many school districts to workaround and configure their Labs deployment. Learn more by emailing or

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