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Network Discovery

Automated discovery of existing Users and Security Groups for Cloud migration

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Previous steps:

Run the discovery

Discovery can be downloaded here: 

The tool can be run after you launch the deployment to cloud. The information collected by the tool can be easily reviewed in the Catalog section of the itopia CAS portal. Users or Security groups, can be then seamlessly migrated to the cloud.

Network Discovery can be run from a single computer connected to the network or from the server. In order to connect to other PCs and discover them, the tool is required to be run with a domain admin account. 

The discovery process takes about 5-10 min to setup and once started, from 20 min to few hours to complete (depending on the number of network nodes.)

We recommend to check the following requirements prior to running the tool in your network:

  • You have domain admin credentials

  • Pings are allowed to all devices in the network that will be discovered

  • Make sure your firewall allows traffic through the following ports: TCP: 1801, RPC: 135, 2101, 2103, 2105, UDP: 3527, 1801

  • Minimum requirement of 64-bit OS

  • Note: in some cases the Antivirus blocks the discovery process so in that case we recommend disabling it temporarily

Download the network discovery from selecting the tool version according to your Net Framework and architecture. 

Click the Download button and you will see that network discovery .exe file is being downloaded to your default download folder.

Discovery wizard will start, accept the terms and conditions and hit Next. As an authentication, provide your deployment’s email domain that was input when creating the Deployment in itopia platform. Email domain must be typed without “@”

If you don’t have an email domain, put discovery token that appears in PC Discovery link. To copy the token, login to itopia, select the Deployment and you will be redirected to the Dashboard. Select the pencil icon as if you were to edit the deployment details: 

Then search for the PC discovery link and copy the token number as in the below example:

Select the site for the discovery, and provide your domain credentials. If you are logged in as domain admin, you can mark the option “Use Windows sessions credentials"

Mark the check box "Run the discovery in the same subnet where you are connected" if there are no other subnets. If you have more subnets in your network, make sure you uncheck the box and add them all under Network subnets.

Once the discovery starts, you will get the below 

If it runs successfully, the data will be automatically copied to itopia and you’ll get a Summary of the process:

Another option to discover your on-premises data is to send PC discovery link to the users and let them run it. It is a simpler version of the discovery tool designed to be run by end users to discover a single workstation information.

Your next step is to review the discovery data in the Catalog. You will see them in the following Catalog modules: 

  • Users

  • Applications

  • Security Groups

  • Folders

  • Workstations: the module lists the devices that the discovery was run on together with all the device technical details such as the OS, RAM, Processor, Antivirus, etc.

  • Printers: local printers can be redirected through RDP to the cloud

  • Network Nodes

You can send users and security groups to cloud going to the "Cloud Desktops" section. Learn more about importing discovery data from Catalog in the below articles:

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