Convenience and security with G Suite SSO

CAS Administrators can use their existing G Suite account

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Google's single sign-on (SSO) functionality adds convenience and security when itopia's Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) administrators authenticate their CAS Admin Portal login using their existing G Suite credentials.

Benefits of G Suite
When configuring CAS Administrators to leverage their existing G Suite account. the existing convenience, flexibility, compliance and security native to G Suite is automatically inherited.

Specifically, Administrators can centralize user account management, and automatically add or remove user access to applications based on group membership. G Suite also offer context-aware access controls detailed here.

Enable G Suite SSO in itopia Portal
Open your browser to the itopia Portal (

Choose the option to 'Sign in with Google' and login with the G Suite account you would like to manage itopia deployments with.

Future Enhancements
In the near future, itopia will be adding functionality to enforce authentication by Sign-in provider chosen by the itopia account Owner . Currently, itopia CAS Admins can authenticate via a stand-alone login credential, Google Sign-in and Microsoft Sign-in.

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