RD Broker High Availability with SQL Server

CAS leverages Google Cloud SQL to deliver an affordable high-availability host for the Connection Broker database.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) uses the RD Connection Broker role to centrally store configuration information and route users to the correct Session Host servers for their Cloud Desktops. This role is critical to the functionality of the Cloud Desktop environment.

To provide resiliency against server failures, the RD Connection Broker can be deployed in a high availability configuration wherein two (or more) servers run the RD Connection Broker role; in this configuration, the Connection Broker Database is relocated from the Connection Broker server to a SQL Server instance to allow all Broker Servers to coordinate activity and maintain the same configuration.

CAS supports configuring the Connection Broker role for high availability; when this configuration is selected-- in either an Enterprise or Advanced deployment-- CAS provisions a Google Cloud SQL managed server instance to host the Connection Broker database. For more information on deployment sizes and components, refer to CAS Deployment Types and Sizing in the Documentation Portal.

Google Cloud SQL delivers a highly-available, secure SQL server instance at a significantly lower cost than traditional SQL Server clusters running on VM instances.

NOTE: CAS deployments created prior to January 2021 used a traditional SQL Server failover cluster on VM instances. For information and assistance on transitioning these deployments to Cloud SQL, please contact itopia Support.

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