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When building your servers, itopia creates the server names based on the server role and your deployment code.

itopia naming convention works as follows:
​deployment code + 3 letter server role shortcut + 3 cipher number that depends on how many servers of the same role are created.
For example, if the server name is "abcrdg001", abc is the deployment code, rdg is the code for Remote Desktop Gateway role and 001 means it's the first server with the RD Gateway role.

Please see the full list of server roles below:

Note: "xxx" represents the deployment code
xxxPDC001 - Primary Domain Controller
xxxSDC001 - Secondary Domain Controller
xxxRDG001 - RD Gateway server
xxxBRK001 - Broker server
xxxFBU001 - File/ Broker/ User session server with all 3 roles combined
xxxFSB001 - File Server/ Broker with 2 roles combined
xxxDFS001 - Dedicated File server
xxxUSS001- User Session Host server
xxxAPP001- Application server or server with any other role that's not related to Remote Desktop Services
xxxSQL001 - SQL server

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