Support for Shielded VMs by GCP

Google Cloud Shielded VMs extend CAS Security

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CAS now supports Shielded VMs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).   Shielded VMs are VMs (virtual machines) are hardened by a set of security features to help protect enterprise workloads from threats (remote attacks, privilege escalation, etc).

To summarize the GCP's list of features here, Shielded VMs deliver: 

  • Verifiable integrity on VM boot

  • Virtual trusted platform module (vTPM)

  • Trust firmware (UEFI-compliant)

  • Tamper-evidence tracking via Stackdriver

All this and no extra charge to use Shielded VMs for your CAS workloads!

Customers can provision with standard Windows Images (Windows 2012R2, Windows 2016 or Windows 2019) or their equivalents in Google's Shielded VM configuration.  The Shielded VM images are available when provisioning infrastructure VMs (RD Gateway, RD Broker, etc), RD Collections and in instance creation for VM instances.

For example, when creating an RD Collection, you'll now see the Google Shielded VMs as an option in the Image drop-down list under Boot Disk Configuration.  

Existing VMs can be upgraded to Shielded VMs too.

To learn more about importing and managing images in CAS, see:
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