Before you begin this guide, please make sure you have setup an FTP server to connect to. To setup a FTP server using Filezilla please refer to this guide : 

Setting up a FTP Server with Filezilla

  1. Download Filezilla Client and install.

   2. Enter you FTP information.
   Host : FTP Server name
   Username: FTP User
   Password : FTP User password
   Port: 21 (Default)  

   After you press Quickconnect and the connection establishes, you will see your FTP folder that you setup in the right side.

     3. Transfer your files from your local machine to the FTP Server

You can either drag and drop or simply double click an item to start transferring. If any items fails for any reason you will find under the "failed" transfers tab and you will be able to retry those files from there.

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