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Setting up an FTP Server with FileZilla

Filezilla FTP Server Configuration

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  1. Log into your Itopia Software Portal and take note of the public IP of the server you wish to host the ftp server on. 

  2. Download and install Filezilla Server from Filezilla's website onto the server you'd like to have it hosted on. 

  3. Install the program with the default settings. 

  4. Once installed open the application settings from the top (Edit>Settings), then go down to the "Passive Mode" Settings.

  5. Here you will enable the custom port range, and choose any range of your choosing. For testing purposes we chose 7000-7005. Make sure that this doesn't overlap with any of your existing applications. 

  6. You will also select the second option in the IPv4 settings and input the Public IP from the server you took note of in step one. 

7. Now back in the Itopia portal, go into the settings of the server and you will have to open tcp port 21 for ftp, and also the range of the tcp ports you chose for the passive mode settings.

8. Now all that is left is for you to create a user account and point it to a share/folder. You will hit Edit at the top, then Users.
9. On the right, hit "add" then type in the username and hit OK. 

10. Type in the desired password, then choose shared folders on the left.

11. Click add, then browse to the desired Path.

12. Check off the appropriate permissions then Hit OK.

13. You are done and have now successfully configured an ftp server with a user account that authenticates with a password to access the share.

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