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Change Deployment Settings / Change Collection Pool GPO Settings
Change Deployment Settings / Change Collection Pool GPO Settings

Learn to change GPO's for: user session time out, local drive access, printer redirection and Task manager access

Written by Fegeins Louis
Updated over a week ago

There's a set of customizable settings (GPO's) that will be applied to all the collections in your deployment.

You can control the mentioned GPO settings separately per RD Collection. To access the configuration, go to Cloud Desktops section - Collection Pools. Once there, mark the collection you want to edit the settings for and click EDIT.

Scroll down til you get to the "Client connection settings" section where you can edit each option moving the slider to enable / disable the setting:

Show local drives in remote session and allow clipboard access: users will have access to their local drives directly from their remote desktop. The setting is tied to the clipboard, so when enabled, users will be able to copy and paste between the local desktop and the remote desktop.

Show local printers in remote session: local printers will be redirected to the remote desktop

Allow Windows Task Manager access: end users will be allowed to access Task Manager. After enabling the option, users will have to log out their session and log back in to see the changes

Idle session timeouts: best practice is to have the policy enabled so users are disconnected and then logged off after certain time of inactivity.

Note: Please note that the system can take several minutes to save the settings since it applies the new policy in the domain.
After changing the
Task manager access policy, make sure the users sign out and back in for the change to take effect.

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