Google Cloud Platform Regions

Google Cloud Platform has regions all around the world

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Google Cloud Platform has Regions throughout the world.  When planning your itopia CAS Deployment, be sure to choose a Region closest to your end-users.   This will provide the best user experience for your end-users.

The following table is a high-level overview of selected Google Cloud Regions.  For a comprehensive list, see here.

More information about Google Cloud Regions, current and) can be found here.

Testing Latency to Google Datacenters

Customers (and users) can test and measure the latency to any Google Cloud Region using:

It's Google native tool that works the following way: "Your browser makes HTTP requests to f1-micro instances in each region. The median time between request and response is shown.

The global row uses a Global HTTP Load Balancer to route requests to the nearest healthy instance."

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