Increase Google IP Quotas

A guide to check the IP quotas in Google and increase them if needed.

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Google sets certain Static IP quotas when the Project is created. Quotas are IP limits assigned to the Project based on the zone where the Project/ Deployment is launched and the user account history with Google. 

In some cases, mostly when the account is new, these quotas are low and they don't permit to provision a deployment if more than 2 servers need to be created. 

1. Upgrade your Google Cloud account

Your account needs to be upgraded first. Without upgrading the account you would only have access to 1 static IP which is not enough for a basic deployment in itopia.

When logged in your Google Cloud account, click on the UPGRADE button in the top right corner to upgrade your account.
If you don't see such button in the IP quota tab, it means that you account was already upgraded. In such case continue to step 2 below.

2. Check the quotas for your zone

If you still have issues and your account was already upgraded, it's recommended to check the individual quotas before adding a new server to the client or before new client provisioning. You’ll have to request an increase of your Static IP quotas in Google if they reached the limit

Login to and select IAM & ADMIN from the main menu in the top left. 


Then click on Quotas. Under Quota type filter, select “All quotas”. Also make sure the correct project is selected from the drop down in the main bar on top since quotas are assigned per project.



On the right under Region, you can select the zone where you have your client or plan to provision clients in the future and filter out the rest.

In Quotas section, look at in Static IP quotas. Search for a low quota limits as for example 0/2, 3/3, 4/5, etc. 


Check if there is enough static IPs to cover the number of servers you want to deploy or add. 

If you see these quotas are lower than you'll need, you’ll have to request an increase from Google. 

Mark the checkbox next to the quota and click + EDIT QUOTA in the top. Request the number to be increased according to your needs, provide business justification and hit Submit request

Note: VPN also counts as an additional static IP. Preferably request few more IPs than you need right now just to have enough space for future growth and any additional settings such as VPN.

Make sure to do the same for all the zones you'll need, you can select several at once.

Processing the request takes from few minutes up to 3 business days. Once approved by Google, you will get an email notification and you can resume your client deployment/ changes in itopia.

IMPORTANT: During the provision, make sure you select the same project you created initially and increased the quotas for, don't create a new one.

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