1. Enable Play Store

When logging in for the first time, you will get  prompt in the bottom right corner to sign in to the Play store. You can also open it from the start menu in the bottom left corner.

Once in Google Play store, 

2. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop app

3. Install the app to your Chromebook

4. Download your rdp file from https://myrdp.download/

5. Connect to the could desktop

After downloading the file, just open it and click Allow on the first pop up, then you'll get the connections screen. Click CONNECT

Your User name will already be populated, just click CONNECT again and you will be connected to the cloud desktop.

Note: When connecting from a device running Chrome OS, multiple monitors are not supported and you will only be able to work with a single monitor (due to Microsoft Remote Desktop app limitation).

This does not apply when connecting from a windows or MAC device.

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