When dedicated VM option is enabled for user, new virtual machine will be created automatically and will only permit the allowed user to connect to it. The new VM instance will count as a separate server in your itopia subscription.

1:1 machine is ideal for users that use up more resources and need high performance for specific reasons.

1:1 server properties:
Machine type: n1-standard-1 (1 CPU, 3.75 GB RAM - resources can be changed if needed).

To enable dedicated VM for user, go to Users module under Cloud Desktops section. 

Select the user and hit the gear icon to access user settings. 

In user settings window, enable Dedicated VM option and Save.

Allow the system to finish the new server configuration. The server will be automatically configured with an image that was selected in the Autoscaling settings. Your new server will be configured with the apps and settings that were set up for the image but you will also get the application installation tasks in the Tasks module so you can confirm they are all configured correctly.

If you don't have any image selected in your autoscaling settings, you will need to install all the applications manually in the server. The system will create tasks to install all the applications that user is assigned to in order to make it easier for you to keep track of them.

Once applications are installed and the tasks are marked as complete, you can move the user profile disk to the new location. Go into the profiles folder, find out which profile disk belongs to the user, copy that .vhdx file and paste it in the new profile folder that's created for the dedicated VM user.

Make sure the user downloads the RDP file again from https://myrdp.download and deletes the old one since there will be a small change in the RDP file configuration.

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