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Enable Remote Application instead of a full cloud desktop

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If your Client has a gateway set up, you can enable a specific application for users instead of deploying full Cloud Desktop for them. The way it works is that after logging in, only the selected application will open for user directly without accessing the full desktop.

How to enable the remote app

First requirement before enabling the remote app is to have RD Gateway.

Once the deployment has a gateway, you can continue to Applications module. 

Select the application you want to enable for remote access and make sure it's installed in the server. The app will appear with a blue dot under the status. 

Now assign users that will have access to the published app. Click the EDIT button:

Then provide the path to the location off the application's executable file. Click the gear icon to access app settings.

You will get the settings window where you can enable the remote app. If the app is not restricted, provide the path to the executable file as in the below example. The path to the executable file is needed to run the application.

Enable the remote application and Save the settings. After they are applied, the assigned users will access the application via a web link. The link will consist of the gateway address /RDWeb.

Note: If connecting RemoteApp through an rdp client, use this url instead: 

After authenticating, the user will see his assigned resources as below:

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