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Learn more about the features you get with the Pro Plan!

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Unlimited Admins (5 included) - Pro plan includes 5 admins. When you reach 5 admin accounts, you can add more admins to your plan from itopia - “Subscription” menu

Up to 925 Users (75 included) - Pro plan includes 75 users. When you reach 75 users (in all your Deployments combined), you can add more users to your plan from itopia - “Subscriptions”. The system will notify you when the limit was reached in Users module and will direct you to the Subscription page.

Unlimited Servers (20 included) - Pro plan includes 20 servers (counts all servers including Gateway server if enabled). When you reach 20 servers, you can add more servers to your plan from itopia - “Subscriptions” menu

Unlimited integrations (3 included) - you can enable up to 3 application integrations with Pro plan (e.g.: Slack, Zendesk ConnectWise,..) 

Redundant Domain Controllers - Pro plan allows deploying 1 redundant domain controller for every Deployment you create. The backup DC is automatically set to standby mode (the server will only be turned on for 2 hours a day to copy over the data from the primary DC) and so it reduces the cost of the server. You have the ability to change the uptime schedule from the Server uptime module.

Snapshot Automation - You will be able to schedule Snapshots from itopia platform and automatically setup the retention criteria for the created snapshots so the system deletes historic snapshots for you.

Server Uptime Scheduling - Server uptime module will allow you to decide when you want the servers to be turned on and when they can shut down to reduce your cost.

Unlimited Audit Logs - all Admin activity audit logs will be saved in the system and traceable (e.g. user account lockouts, passwords changes, new user creations, etc.)

Discovery - PC Discovery will be available to be run on local workstations. The tool will collect and migrate user data (user name, contact, security groups, names of installed applications, etc.) to itopia as part of the migration process

Network Discovery -  Network discovery will be available to collect and migrate the data to itopia as part of the migration process

Remote App - if the Deployment has a gateway set up, you can enable a specific application for users instead of deploying full Cloud workspace account for them. Then, after logging in, the selected application would open for them directly without accessing the full desktop.

Spin up Multiple User Servers - you can setup multiple servers to host users’ sessions

RDS Gateway - when enabled, a server with the gateway role will be deployed and will ask you for a certificate (obtain SSL certificate prior to the deployment)

Virtual Private Network - a site-to-site VPN tunnel can be setup for your Deployemnts from itopia software

1:1 User Server - dedicated VM’s can be set up for users that use more resources and need high performance. New VM will only permit the allowed user to connect to it

Customizable AutoScaling - auto-scaling is pre-defined according to a default formula but you can tailor the formula to your needs. (e.g.: You configure the maximum number of users per server to be 13. → New server will be created when 14th user is sent to cloud.)

Granular (Restricted) admin access - Pro plan allows you to restrict accesses for your admin accounts to just selected deployments. You can restrict Viewer and Editor admin accounts. Owner admin account will always have access to all deployments.

Chat, Email, Phone Support - You can count with us in these 3 channels when needing itopia support

Pricing info available here.

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