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Setup an integration with Slack

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Slack is today’s go-to tool for ongoing conversations. It’s not only useful for informal chatting but also to make information flow quickly. If you’re a user of our Starter, Pro or Enterprise plans, go ahead and integrate your itopia account with Slack to post important notifications and update your team about important changes within seconds.

Try out itopia’s integration with Slack in your account, or sign up for free!

Integrate easily

In order to notify your team via Slack channel, connect your itopia account to Slack. 

Open “Integrations” section from your Profile menu and just click on “Slack” icon.

After clicking on Slack, on the top right, click on “Add to Slack

Type your team name as suggested in the next screen and hit “Continue”, then provide your email and password.

Authorize itopia to access your team:

Next, you will get few settings options that you can configure for your team. When you selected the settings, click on “Save”. 

Your Slack account will be now integrated with itopia so you can post notifications and messages from itopia portal to your Slack channels.


All notifications are automatically generated from the events in our system and based on your configurations preferences you previously set up in the "Notifications" section.

New/Edit Deployment
A message is posted to notify the creation of a new deployment.

Deployment Deletion
A message is posted once a deployment is deleted.

New Task
When a task is generated by the system, a notification is posted in Slack.

New integration
When a integration is enabled in itopia CAS (i.e. an admin enables ConnectWise integration).

Task Completed
Once a Task is completed a message is posted in slack.

Track the discovery activity as messages into Slack.

All actions executed by admin users, also called Audit Logs, can be posted in slack as message notifications instantly. 

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