Coming Soon

  • itopia Spaces is becoming more and more self-service. Coming soon, self-service enhancements for: configuration of VPN/HA VPNs, VPC Peering, SAML SSO provider setup and egress policies/traffic filtering. Currently, these features are all available via a support email (

Release 3/30/2022

  • itopia Spaces now enables updating a Space image for existing spaces

  • itopia Spaces now supports self-service configuration of custom domain to Application Launcher Portal from the Admin Portal

  • Spaces Admin Portal now displays the NAT Gateway (external IPs) for each Deployment

  • Role-based Access Controls management now fully implemented in the Spaces Admin Portal

Release 3/15/2022

  • itopia Spaces streamlines developer onboarding even more by supporting bulk user import.

Release 2/22/2022

  • itopia Spaces now supports the self-service configuration of custom domain for the App Launcher Portal from the Spaces Admin Portal.

Release 1/24/2022

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