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Choose from Teams or Enterprise versions

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itopia Spaces is a secure, fully-managed, serverless platform where developers code from anywhere in powerful containerized spaces, and enterprises increase security and productivity.

Customers can choose from the Teams or Enterprise versions. Teams is a low cost option for small development team. Enterprise version supports advanced functionality such the ability to import custom images.

Here's the chart in GCP Marketplace comparing the Teams and Enterprise versions.

Feature Key

  • Fully-Managed Service: itopia managed infrastructure, support, scaling, and SLAs

  • Admin Portal and API: Web-based admin portal and API to configure Spaces

  • Usage Analytics: View usage and session details for CPU, memory and storage utilization

  • Access from any browser: End users can access their Space from any modern web browser

  • Google Identity: Authorize end user access to the Spaces Launcher Portal with Google identities

  • Run any Linux IDE and tool: Use any graphical or command line Linux editor or developer tool

  • Full endpoint isolation: Controls over data sharing from endpoint devices such as clipboard direction and file transfers

  • itopia Managed Images: Use itopia managed, secured and updated base environment images

  • Custom Images: Bring your own custom container images

  • Create Deployments in Any Region: Create your own deployments versus the pre-defined regions

  • Private Connectivity: Peer your environment with your VPC or VPN

  • Custom SSO: Configure Single Sign-On with SAML for end-user authentication to the Spaces Launcher Portal

  • Custom URL: Use your own DNS domain for the Spaces Launcher Portal

  • Self-Hosted Storage: Keep user storage in your GCP project

  • Docker: Run Docker containers inside Spaces

  • GPU Acceleration: Run GPU accelerated workloads, graphical or non-graphical

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