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Flexible, containerized development environments with preferred IDE and tools

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itopia Spaces provides developers with easy access to development environments with their preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and tools.

Customers can start with itopia’s curated spaces or create customized environments which include support for multiple developer environments and sufficient computing resources. Every developer can independently access one or more environments, IDEs, and sessions.

Spaces deployments to-date have includes support for the most popular IDEs, source code repositories and tools. Here's a partial list -- each new customer adds to this list.

IDEs: VS Code, IntelliJ, Python IDLE, Sublime

Source Code Repositories: Git

Build Automation: Maven

OS-virtualization: Docker

Developer/Runtime Environments: OpenJDK, Node.js, R Tools (data analysis & statistics)

Tools: Homebrew, NPM (JavaScript package manager), Postman (API testing)

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