Custom VPN Setup in Spaces
Support for custom HA VPN Tunnel
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itopia Spaces supports a HA VPN setup between their network and the GCP projects managed by itopia as part of Spaces.

itopia will provide the necessary documentation and instructions, including the Cloud SDK Commands to setup the HA VPN on the customer-side (if the customer doesn't already have an automation) to configure the Service Account required by itopia's Terraform implementation.

The Cloud SDK Commands for HA VPN setup on the customer-side (optional if customer already has an automation) include:

  • Declare variables (GCP Region, itopia Project ID and Terraform SA)

  • Create VPN and subnet (optional

  • Create VPN Gateway

  • Create Router

  • Create tunnel tunnel-gw2-if0

  • Create tunnel tunnel-gw2-if1

  • Create BGP interface for tunnel tunnel-gw2-if0

  • Create BGP peer for tunnel-gw2-if0

  • Create BGP interface for tunnel-gw2-if1

  • Create BGP peer for tunnel-gw2-if1

Simply email to get started with your custom VPN setup!

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