itopia Labs delivers learning experiences from SolidWorks, a solid modelling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program

What is SolidWorks?

While SolidWorks is feature-rich and enables the creation of almost any shape imaginable -- with a focus on engineering design. For more organic design requirements, a sculpting program like Blender (offered in Labs) is a better fit.

Since Labs is a fully managed service, itopia is responsible for all applications and associated updates.

Application Licensing

If your school district doesn't already have SolidWorks educational licenses, be sure to check-out their student pricing on this webpage.

itopia Labs Pricing

Since itopia Labs provides school districts with predictable costs via a 'compute credit' model, credits are only consumed when students (and instructors) launch Labs with SolidWorks applications. Since SolidWorks is resource intensive, Labs requires a Tier 3 configuration for graphics acceleration (or GPU in GCP terminology). The Tier 3 configuration uses 8 'compute credits' for each hour of student or teacher usage.

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