itopia Labs enables school boards to leverage their existing application licenses. Here's advice and best practices for the AutoDesk suite of licenses.

Upgrade existing AutoDesk Licensing

For AutoDesk, your school district should verify existing licensing -- typically, multi-user or network-related licenses. While these licenses aren't compatible with itopia Labs, you maybe able to upgrade your existing AutoDesk licenses to the named user licenses used by itopia Labs. Here's a few articles from the AutoDesk website:
How to change or reset a license for Autodesk software | AutoCAD | Autodesk Knowledge Network
Autodesk Account user management | Account Management | Autodesk Knowledge Network

AutoDesk Verified Education Account

However, the best current option is signing your school district up for an AutoDesk verified education account. Once this is done, AutoDesk licenses can be applied to as many as 125 named students. This is done in the AutoDesk portal. Once done, not need for further verification by each student.

The wrinkle is the students need to create the account & go thru the normal AutoDesk verification process to ensure they aren't a bot. Autodesk requires extra verification (student needs to exist in their chosen school’s roster).

Contacting AutoDesk Support

To contact AutoDesk support, simply browse to their website, then sign in and open a chat with a live agent during their business hours. All you need to provide the agent is the information below and let them know that your school needs to obtain named user licenses instead of the network license.

Information needed for this request:

  • Name of the school

  • Admin email of the network licenses

  • Any education contract numbers if any

Or, you can email AutoDesk support directly at

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