itopia Labs supports deep integration with Google Workspace to simplify assigning students and instructors to Classes. To support this integration, your Google Workspace administrator must grant domain wide delegation access to itopia Labs; this allows Labs to securely read a subset of user, group, and Google Classroom information from your Workspace environment. This access is read-only and scoped to the minimal set of information.

When you first set up your District, you'll be prompted to configure domain wide delegation. You'll need to configure this delegation before you can assign students and instructors to Classes.

Configure Domain-Wide Delegation

  1. Login to the Google Workspace Admin Console ( as a Super Administrator.

  2. Navigate to Security » API Controls. You can use the following link to access this location directly: Google Workspace API Controls.

  3. In the Domain wide delegation section, click Manage Domain wide Delegation.

  4. Click Add new.

  5. In the configuration pane, specify the following:

    1. Client ID: 102628712181650693336

    2. OAuth Scopes:,,,,,

  6. Click Authorize.

That's it! You can now return to the Labs Admin Portal to continue configuring your Classes.


Google Admin Console: Security » API Controls

Domain wide Delegation screen

Add new delegation prompt:

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