Once your K12 District has been created and configured, you can create one or more Schools. Schools are an administrative boundary that let you group Classes, assign administrators, set usage credit quotas, and get detailed reports. You can create or remove schools at any time, and each District supports an unlimited number of Schools.

To start, sign-in to Labs Admin Portal (labs.itopia.com). If you aren’t sure about your Labs Admin credentials, then check with your K12 school district’s Primary Admin for Labs.

Create a New School

From the Labs Dashboard, Navigate to the District Management screen: click on the current District or School name in the top-left corner, select the correct district (if you have access to more than one district), and then click Manage District.

On the District Dashboard, go to the Schools section and click New.

On the Create a New School prompt, specify the following details and then click Create:

  • School Name: Enter a name for your school

  • Primary Administrator: Choose who will be the primary administrator that will be managing the School. You can add additional administrators later the School has been created.

  • Credit Allocation: Toggle the slider to enable/disable credit limits

    • If enabled, you can enter a total amount of credits that will be allocated to the School.

      • Remaining unallocated credits is the amount of credits you have available in your account

    • If disabled, the School can consume any of the available remaining unallocated credits

After a few moments, your new School will be visible in the Schools section of the District Dashboard.

Click on the School name to navigate to the School Dashboard to continue configuring Classes and other settings.

Next Steps

What's a School without classes? Learn about creating Classes here.

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