Once your K12 school district is successfully up and running, then it’s time to set up your school. Each K12 school district can create any number of schools. Schools can also be deleted and re-created with no cost or fee.

To start, sign-in to Labs Admin Portal: https://labs.itopia.com/. If you aren’t sure about your Labs Admin credentials, then check with your K12 school district’s Primary Admin for Labs.

Create a New School

Go to MANAGE DISTRICT at the top of the page.

Select NEW in the Schools section

You will be presented the screen below.

Fill out the following information:

  • School Name: Enter the name of your school

  • Primary Administrator: Choose who will be the primary administrator that will be managing the School. You can add additional administrators later after creating our School.

  • Credit Allocation: Toggle the slider to enable/disable credit limits

    • If enabled you can enter a total amount of credits that will be allocated to our School.

    • Remaining unallocated credits is the amount of credits you have available in your account

    • If diabled the School can consume any of the available remaining unallocated credits.

  • Hit Create

In your District view

Under Schools we see our new School listed.

Select the School to access the Dashboard and create Classes

You're all set now!

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