School networks are often protected with multiple layers of networking security to prevent access to unauthorized content and protect internal resources. These protections typically include network firewalls and content filtering devices.

To ensure your students and instructors can access their Labs sessions, ensure that your network security platforms are configured to permit outbound traffic to the following addresses and domains.

Content Filtering

If your network includes content filtering devices (sometimes called reverse proxies), it may be necessary to exclude itopia Labs from filter rules. This is commonly done by adding a set of DNS domains to an allow list (previously called whitelist) to ensure that traffic destined for those domains is not blocked or inspected.

Domain Allow List

To ensure that on-network devices can access all itopia Labs functionality, ensure that the following domains are allowed:

Packet Inspection / SSL Decryption

If your content filtering device performs packet inspection and/or SSL decryption, these technologies will significantly impact the performance of Labs desktop sessions. It is highly recommended to disable this functionality for the domains listed above. itopia Labs can provide desktop-level monitoring and filtering solutions to ensure that students do not access unauthorized material from within their Labs sessions; contact your itopia Account Executive to discuss available options.

Network Firewall

itopia Labs requires only standard, outbound HTTP(S) connectivity to the domains listed above.

If you are performing strict firewall filtering, ensure that the following IP addresses can be accessed on HTTP/HTTP ports (TCP/80 and TCP/443):

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