Manage a Class in your School
Learn how to view, monitor, and update each Class
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After you’ve created one or more Classes in your School, you can view information and manage various settings for the Class using the Class Details view.

To start, sign in to Labs Admin Portal ( If you aren’t sure about your Labs Admin credentials, then check with your school district’s Primary Admin for Labs.

  1. From the Dashboard, make sure you have the correct School selected in the top-left corner of the screen.

  2. Click on the Classes tab.

  3. Select the Class you wish to manage by clicking anywhere on its card.

In the Class Details view for the selected class, you'll see the following cards:

  • VM Tier: View the VM Tier that is applied to this Class, and the number of Compute Credits required to run this VM per user per hour. Once a Class has been created, the VM Tier cannot be changed.

  • Identity Syncing: If the Class was created with identity syncing enabled, this card shows the Google Workspace group or Google Classroom courses that are assigned to the Class and the timestamp of the last sync. Administrators can manually trigger a sync by clicking the Sync Now button.

  • Desktop Image: View the boot image and applications that are assigned to this Class. Once a Class has been created, the Desktop Image cannot be changed.

  • Session Scheduler: Administrators can create one or more schedules to automatically power on session hosts so that they are "pre-warmed" and ready for student connections. For more information, please refer to Create a Session Schedule

  • Class Quota: Administrators can enforce a maximum usage quota for each Class. Once a student has exceeded the specified number of hours in a week, they will be unable to launch a session for the Class. Individual students can be excluded from the quota by specifying their email address

  • Class Assignment: Shows the current roster of users assigned to the Class. Administrators can directly add individual users to the Class, regardless of whether identity syncing is enabled for the Class.

  • Instructors: Shows the current roster of instructors assigned to the Class. Administrators add or remove instructors to the Class.

If you need to change a Class setting that cannot be changed-- such as the VM Tier or OS Image-- you can simply create a new Class with the updated settings and assign the same students and instructors; their settings will transfer to the new Class automatically.

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