Once you’ve setup a class in your school, you’ll want to view, monitor and update each class.

To start, sign-in to Labs Admin Portal: https://labs.itopia.com/. If you aren’t sure about your Labs Admin credentials, then check with your K12 school district’s Primary Admin for Labs.

As a reminder, if starting in the District-level you must first select a School before you can manage a Class.

Sign in to Labs admin portal https://labs.itopia.com/

View our new Class

After publishing our Class we can check our dashboard to see additional information.

Select a Class to access additional settings.

  • VM Tier: View the VM Tier that is applied to this Class. See the amount of Compute Credits required to run this VM for each user.

  • Desktop Image: View the Image and applications that are applied to this Class.

  • Class Quota: Choose to Enforce a Quota restriction that applies to students in this Class.

  • Class Assignment: Add or Remove students based on the Assignment type that was chosen when the Class was created. (Google Classroom, Google Group or Direct Assignment).

  • Instructors: Add or Remove Instructors via Direct Assignment.

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