itopia Labs provides school districts with predictable costs for their Windows lab sessions. Using a "compute credit" model, districts can purchase a set of credits at a fixed cost; these credits are consumed when students (and instructors) launch Labs sessions. The number of credits used by the session depend on the VM Tier defined for the session (discussed below).

During the initial consultations, itopia's Sales and Accounts team will help your district calculate the number of credits you'll need for your Labs. Credits can be added at any time, and quotas can be set at the district, school, or even class level to ensure that credits are not consumed faster than expected.

VM Tiers

When a Labs admin creates a class, they can specify a VM Tier; the VM Tier defines the CPU, RAM, and GPU resources that are available to each student's session when accessing the class. Depending on the desktop image specified for the class (i.e., the applications that are published for the student), administrators may be able to select a desired VM Tier for the class; in some cases, the applications in the desktop image require a specific VM Tier, and therefore the tier cannot be changed.

VM Tier

Compute Resources

Usage Credits per Hour

Tier 1

4 vCPUs / 13 GB RAM


Tier 2

8 vCPUs / 16 GB RAM


Tier 3

4 vCPUs / 15 GB RAM / 1 GPU


Note: GPUs are currently restricted to NVIDIA Pascal P100 vGPUs as provided by Google Cloud.

Purchasing Credits

District Administrators can contact their itopia Account Executive to purchase additional credits. itopia Labs will support self-service of credit purchasing in a future release.

Usage Monitoring

The Labs Admin Console provides an intuitive, centralized dashboard where admins can view student lab usage at the district, school, and classroom level according to their assigned access.

The dashboard provides real-time feedback on the consumed credits. At the bottom of the dashboard widget, there is a link to display the "Credit Details"

The "Credit Details'' screen displays the history of registered licenses with information about each license: Date | Credit Name | Reseller (List) | Original Value | Remaining Value | etc.

When a school consumes hours, it will count against:

  • Their school-specific hours first, if there are any

  • Their district's pooled hours, if the school does not have remaining hours and the district does have pooled hours

When there is a credit hour overage (i.e. user sessions are started when only a few hours remain), the sessions are allowed to continue. Deficit hours are tracked, but user sessions are not terminated. NEW user sessions are not permitted to start when credit hours are depleted.

Billing account and org owners will be proactively notified (via email) when the consumption reaches 50% and 90%.

Consumption is calculated in 15-minute intervals.

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