Release 10/28/2021

  • Labs now supports Blender -- a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, etc. itopia will continue to add new applications to Labs based-on school district requests.

Release 10/11/2021

  • Labs now gives teachers the ability to 'warm up' all the student sessions so the session is available as soon as the student logs-in. A future enhancement will allow teachers to schedule the 'warm up' of student sessions on weekly basis to match their class schedules.

Release 10/8/2021

  • Labs upgraded to improve the start-up speed of student sessions

  • Applied the AutoCAD patches for Revit and Inventor Pro

Release 9/24/2021

  • Labs is designed for Google Chromebooks, but also now provides users of other devices with a release of new autoscaling support for high DPI devices

  • Fix issue with Adobe Social Media login

  • Fix issue with Adobe Illustrator, when it's the first application opened, to prevent a 'update required' message prompt

  • Update Adobe images to current versions, as well as applying Windows critical patches

Release 9/15/2021

  • Improved logic to handle Google Classroom subscriptions with more than 200 active Classrooms

Release 9/10/2021

  • Set Google Chrome as the default browser

  • Update Adobe images to set ScratchDisk settings for users to prevent ScratchDisk prompts when opening Adobe Photoshop

  • Update Adobe images to remove Adobe Premier for non-GPU images

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