Once your itopia Labs District is configured and you've created at least one School, you can begin adding Classes. Classes represent the specific virtual desktops you want to assign to students and instructors; when you create a Class, you'll configure:

  • The applications to publish to the desktop

  • Students and instructors that have access to the desktop

  • The VM size for each virtual desktop

  • Whether to define a usage schedule or quotas to manage credit consumption

You can create and remove Classes at any time, and each School supports an unlimited number of Classes.

Creating a Class

To start, sign in to the Labs Admin Portal (labs-admin.itopia.com). If you aren’t sure about your Labs Admin credentials, then check with your district’s Primary Labs Admin.

  1. From the Dashboard, make sure you have the correct School selected in the top-left corner of the screen.

  2. Click on the Classes tab.

  3. Click New Class.

  4. In the Create a New Class prompt, provide the settings for each section and then click Publish:

    1. Class name: This name will be visible to students and instructors in their User Portal

    2. Description: Provide a short description for the Class. This description will be visible to students and instructors in their User Portal.

    3. Desktop Image: Select an available Desktop Image for the Class. Desktop Images contain the application bundles that can be published for your users. If you don't see the Desktop Image you'd like to use, contact itopia Support to request a custom image

    4. VM Tier: The VM Tier specifies the CPU and RAM resources that will be allocated to each user's session. Higher tiers consume more credits, and some Desktop Images require specific tiers, particularly when GPU acceleration is required for the applications.

    5. Student and Instructor Assignment: You can assign this Class to students and instructors by using Google Workspace groups or Google Classroom courses. You can also manually specify Google email addresses for individual instructors

    6. Class Quota: You can enforce a maximum quota for the Class to ensure that users do not consume excessive credits. The quota can be applied to all assigned students and instructors or to a subset

The new Class will become available shortly and will appear in the list of Classes. Once the class is ready, your assigned students and instructors can launch the Class from the Labs User Portal (labs.itopia.com).

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