In this article you will learn how to create a new Labs District admin account. District Admins can create schools, create Admins accounts for those schools, and allocate credits.

Creating An Admin Account For Your School District

To get started, navigate to the itopia Labs admin portal ( and sign in

On the landing page, click on your district. In this example, our district is titled My First District.

In the window that pops up, click on MANAGE DISTRICT

In the Admins section, click on New

Enter the email address and role (Owner, Editor, Viewer) for the admin account. You can find a breakdown below for each role

Owner: Members of this role have full read/write access to all aspects of the School District and all schools within that district.. This is the role assigned to the user account used when signing up for itopia Labs.

Editor: Members of this role have full read-write access to the Districts they are assigned to. Editors can create additional admin accounts for the School District they are assigned to.

Viewer: Members of this role have read-only access to all aspects of the School District(s) they are assigned to. Users with this role cannot change settings, create or delete resources, or perform any actions.

When complete, click on Create

An invitation email will be sent to the user so they can finish setting up their account. After their account is set up they will be able to access the admin portal.

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