In this article you will learn how to create a new Labs District Admin account. District Admins are granted permissions at the district level, which are inherited by all schools and classes within the district.

  • Create and manage schools

  • Create additional administrator accounts for those schools

  • Manage credit allocation across schools

Assigning the District Admin role is useful for delegating administrative access to high-level administrators of your school district. itopia Labs offers additional administrator roles that have fewer privileges and are restricted to tighter scopes, such as School Admins and Instructors.

Creating An Admin Account For Your School District

To get started, navigate to the itopia Labs Admin Portal ( and sign in as an existing user that has District Admin or higher permissions.

On the Dashboard page, click on your district name in the top-left corner. In this example, our district is titled My First District.

In the window that pops up, click on Manage District.

On the District Dashboard screen, locate the Admins section and click on New.

Enter a Google email address and select a role for the admin account; the available roles are:

  • Owner: Members of this role have full read/write access to all aspects of the School District and all schools within that district. District Owners also have access to billing information. This is the role assigned to the initial user account that configures the itopia Labs District.

  • Editor: Members of this role have full read/write access to the Districts they are assigned to. Editors can create additional admin accounts for the School District they are assigned to.

  • Viewer: Members of this role have read-only access to all aspects of the School District(s) they are assigned to. Users with this role cannot change settings, create or delete resources, or perform any actions.

When complete, click on Create

An invitation will be emailed to the new administrator using the email address provided. Once the administrator configures their account, they can log in to the Labs Admin Portal.

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