The itopia Labs dashboard provides a quick view of key data points that provide insight into how your lab is being used. From the dashboard, you can quickly check your:

  • Available Credits (In the At A Glance section)

  • Activity Details

  • Admin List

  • Current Teacher & Student Sessions

  • Most Active Users

  • Users that have never logged in

For breakdown on each section listed above, please read the corresponding section below.


At a Glance

Compute Credits: View your available credits.

School Classes: View the amount of classes that are available to users.

Activity Details

View data related to Credit and App Usage for the last 30 days.


View a list of all the active admins with access to our school School of Hard Knocks

Current Sessions

View current Teacher and Student sessions

Most Active Users

View the most active users based on their Time and Credit Usage.

Never Logged In

View users that never logged in to their account

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