What is itopia Spaces?

Secure fully-managed workspaces for developers

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itopia Spaces is a secure, fully-managed, serverless platform where developers code from anywhere in powerful containerized spaces, and enterprises increase security and productivity.

While itopia Spaces is 'coming soon', it's never too early to share key features and benefits.

Flexible team administration

Provision and monitor developer access via a portal, giving administrators precise control

  • Access control, provisioning of resources, and quickly onboard or offboard developers

  • Maintain consistent developer environments across distributed endpoints

  • Team administration portal with easy-to-use metrics and reports

  • Automate administrative tasks via the itopia Spaces CLI & API

The tools developers know and love

Every developer has easy access to development environments with their preferred IDE and tools

  • Start with itopia’s curated spaces or create customized environments

  • Support for multiple developer environments and sufficient computing resources

  • Every developer can independently access one or more environments, IDEs, and sessions

Secure by design

Protect intellectual property and prevent exfiltration of data

  • Containers managed in private Kubernetes clusters

  • Isolates the endpoint from the development platform, protecting sensitive IP and data from user vulnerabilities

  • Encrypted in transit, encrypted at rest, and single sign-on support

Fully managed. Fully scalable.

itopia Spaces integrates monitoring, scaling, patching, and security on Google Cloud infrastructure

  • Orchestrates and automates the creation, provisioning, and monitoring of centralized dev environments in the cloud

  • 99.9% SLA

  • Scales from a solo developer to a 1,000-engineer team

  • Demanding application stacks can be assigned the right level of computing power for the task

Have questions in the meantime? Even better, contact our Sales Team or itopia Support (support@itopia.com) for more info.

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