Delete a deployment before it's launched to cloud

You can delete and edit your Deployment and re-create it anytime before you launch it to cloud. After you login to  select the deployment on the left. 

You will get the screen to continue your deployment. Instead of continuing, click Cancel button and you will get an option to delete the deployment.

Just fill the name and reason for deletion and click Delete

Delete a deployment after the provisioning

IMPORTANT: The deletion process will remove the servers related to the deployment from GCP as well as all the VPNs in the project and the firewall rules that contain the deployment code.

It's recommended that the deplyment deletion is be done from itopia, not from Google Platform, since itopia software will take care of deleting the deployment from Google and also removes the servers that were deployed with the Project.

Go to the deployment dashboard. The Delete option can be found on the top right under the three vertical dots.

The system takes 2 hours to complete the deletion.

There is an option to UNDO the deployment deletion within 1 hour after it was deleted. If you decide to undo the deletion, go to any of the management options again and you will get the following message:

Just click the STOP button to stop deployment deletion.

Note: When deleting a deployment, our system will delete all the VPNs inside the related GCP project that were created by CAS (those that have a name starting with "VPN-clientcode"). VPNs created in CAS prior to 7/26/2019 will need to be deleted manually when deleting the deployment/ project.

The delete option is not available

If you don't have the Delete option available in the portal, the deployment is probably on Pending status.
Make sure that your Provision tasks are completed first. After the Deployment is launched, there are 2 provision tasks to be completed before you get the Delete option available.
If you still see the Provisioning status window (picture below) or your deployment is pending update for another reason (pending processes), you will not be allowed to delete the deployment.

Completing the pending tasks

Go to Tasks module and mark as "Complete" the Provisioning tasks related to your deployment. You don't need to make the actual change the task is for, marking it as complete is enough.

If there are no tasks but you still cannot delete the deployment, please contact the support team for assistance.

Releasing the VM instance static IP Addresses

While this process deletes the VM instances in GCP, Google doesn't clear the static IP's that belonged to those VM instances. They need to be manually released otherwise Google keeps charging for them. Follow this article to learn how to release static IPs.

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